Hair protection in summer
Hair protection in summer
December 10, 2018
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Hair Transplant Procedure in Nashik

Hair Transplant Procedure in Nashik

Most or all people take their hair for granted just like their health up until the moment, the hair fall begins and eventually, losing hair becomes a condition which they are not able to recover from naturally. here if you are looking for the hair transplant in Nashik then haircareplus is the best option for you. So what can you do, if your hair fall has increased to a great extent that there are bald spots and patches in your head?

Results of Hair Transplant in Nashik

You visit us at Hair sure and consult with our trichologists on the Hair Transplant procedure. What are a hair transplant surgery and the procedure? A Hair transplant surgery in Nashik is the type of surgery that moves the hair you already have in various parts of the body to fill an area with little or no hair. Various doctors have been doing hair transplant surgeries since the late 1900s, but techniques have changed a lot and for the better in recent years due to technology and research. When it comes to the procedure, first, the surgeon cleans your scalp and injects anesthesia to numb the back of your head to take off your pain. Your doctor will choose one of two methods for the transplant depending on the condition: Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or Follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Follicular Unit Extraction

When it comes to FUSS, the surgeon removes a 6 to 10-inch strip of skin from the back of your head itself and then sets it aside and sews the scalp closed. After that, the surgeon divides the strip of removed scalp into 500 to 2,000 tiny grafts, each of them with an individual hair or just a few hairs. The number and type of graft you get completely depends on your hair type, the quality, the color of your hair, and also the size of the area where you will be getting the transplant. If you are getting the FUE procedure depending on your surgeon’s consultation, the team shaves the back of your scalp. Then, the surgeon removes the hair follicles one by one from the area. our experts give tips and benefits of hair transplant in Nashik. Then, the area heals with small dots, which your existing hair will cover. Once this is done, both procedures are the same. After that the surgeon prepares the grafts, the surgeon cleans and the numbs the area where the hair will be planted, post that, the surgeon creates a hole or even a slit with a scalpel and then delicately places each graft in one of the holes.

Hair Transplant Patient

Depending on the size of the transplant you are getting, the process usually takes about 4 to 8 hours. However, you might need another procedure later on if you continue to lose hair or decide you want thicker hair depending on the severity of hair loss. A hair transplant surgery is beneficial to a great extent when it comes to regaining the hair and most of all, regaining the self-confidence and self-esteem. However, a hair transplant surgery is a delicate surgery and needs the consultation with a doctor. So visit us or book an appointment at Best Hair Transplant surgeon in Nashik will make sure you get your hair back.


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