Correct age for a Hair Transplant
Correct age for a Hair Transplant
October 1, 2018
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October 27, 2018
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Eligibility for Hair Transplant

Hair not only enhances the beauty but is also a source of our confidence and that is why hair loss affects our daily life so much. But medical science has advanced so much that it is no longer an issue. Hair transplant is here to address all your hair loss issues at hair transplant service in Nashik.

In males, the baldness is like a nightmare which directly or indirectly affects your self-confidence and self-esteemed then it doesn’t matter whether it affects it affects men or women because for any woman her hairs are like a crown on a princess’ head.

A few decades ago, every person whether being men or women facing serious problems like hair loss used to wear wigs, because they were either unaware of the hair transplantation process in Nashik or maybe at that time hair transplantation must not be that developed or may be costly. But now the hair transplantation has become very much budget friendly at hair transplantation service in Nashik.

With the changing tendency, hair transplant has turned into an achievable choice for every individual, particularly for those who have a problem regarding the price of transplantation and now they don’t have to compromise with the price. Because hair transplantation in Nashik has come with a pocket-friendly combo.

Nashik city of India is gaining the attention of every single individual from all over the country who wants to get rid of the problem of the bald head as there are many super specialty clinics and best surgeons available for you to help you for hair transplantation in Nashik.

When it comes to hair restoration it is carried out in that area of the head where very thin strands are available and the scalp is clearly visible.

During this surgery the hair follicles are taken from that area of the head where hairs are thick like side or back side of the hair which is also known as the donor side, the process is carried out by a specialist surgeon under the microscopic instruments and every single graft has to be taken out carefully and has to be placed carefully, due to which this surgery make take several hours or even a whole day in some cases.

Who is eligible for this surgery of Hair Transplant?

There are many people who ask us about ‘Who is eligible for the hair transplant surgery?” So, there are many points that get covered under this which are as follows :

What is the age of the patient?

So, when it comes to hair transplant surgery age does really matters. Because hair loss also depends on the genetic factor, your bald skin type etc. So in case of hair loss youngster are too much caring about their hairs they take too much precaution of their hairs. But if hair fall is genetic and if hair loss starts in younger age one must wait and have the patience for this kind of surgery. Because if the surgery is done in younger age hair fall will be continued

As the years pass on and one has to go through many surgeries so the age group of after 30 years is the best for the surgery because at this time the time of genetic hair loss has been passed.

Patients health conditions also matter

Patients health conditions are also important to take any decision before going to the surgery. The patient should be healthy enough and should be mentally strong enough before going on to the surgery. He or She should not be under any treatment like blood pressure and should be taking medicines for B.P. and Diabetes etc. Before surgery, you must talk to the surgeon at hair transplant center in Nashik about the medical history of yours, so that he or she can consult you properly.

Patient’s Lifestyle

One must take a healthy decision regarding their lifestyle when it comes to transplant. At hair transplant center in Nashik patient is given a thorough information regarding Balance Diet, Daily exercise but before surgery coz after surgery exercises are not allowed for at least 2 months. Balance diet, staying hydrated, leads to a boosted immune system. One must not drink alcohol or smoke before or after transplant because such things can decrease the success rate of transplant and hair growth after transplant. But in the case of nonsmoker and a non-alcoholic person success rate is around 90-95% But even with that person who drinks and smoke is properly being properly guided here in hair transplant service in Nashik.

Hair Loss Classification

Another critical factor for transplant qualification is the level or severity of the baldness or the amount of donor’s hair for transplant to the balding area of the head. With the most serious balding classifications, the availability of donor’s hair will decide the expected outcomes from hair transplant in India.

Commitment Or Sense Of Responsibility To Aftercare

Patient’s commitment towards the aftercare instruction given by the doctor is a crucial factor, which will affect the success rate of transplant outcomes. By simply following the aftercare instructions, you can cut down infection risk, reduce recovery time, and reduce any discomfort to a minimum. After your head gets complete recovery, in a few months you can enjoy the hair transplant results.

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