Hair Transplant Surgeons in Nashik
Hair Transplant Surgeons in Nashik
June 26, 2018
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August 16, 2018
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Cost of Hair Transplant In Nashik

Cost of Hair Transplant in Nashik

Cost of Hair Transplant In Nashik

As far as a few decencies ago, a Cost of hair transplant in Nashik was viewed as an ‘enigmatic procedure’ and many peoples viewed it with a lot of skepticism. They did not even know how much a hair transplant costs and affected that the amount must be way beyond their budget. on the other hand, the cost of hair transplants surgery in Nashik is approximately low – as little as 30,000 rupees for a hair transplant surgery.

The low cost of hair transplants surgery in Nashik is very good news for younger men and women who have started to go baldness. Absolutely, we have seen an increasing tendency of balding at a young age – exclusively in metropolitan areas where stress, lifestyle, poor diet, and pollution have caused men in their 20s and 30s to go bald. In case that you are as long as going for a hair transplant surgery, one of the first things you will have to do is consider the hair transplant costs.

Most of the typical way to calculate the hair transplant cost in India is per graft basis. Individual hybridization contains one to three hairs follicles, depending on the baldness level and natural hair units. In case that you are thinking to go for a hair transplant in India, here are the few resemblance statistics for you to look out between the high-end or standard hair transplant clinics in Nashik and the other clinics.

It’s impossible to estimate the clear-cut cost of hair transplant in Nashik, but just to give you a rough idea, the cost of the hair transplant in India depends on “per graft” basis, and on the baldness area of a person. Other factors which affected the cost are the location of the clinic and experience of the surgeons. Following are the predicted cost refer to of clinics and hospitals which provide better hair transplant in India, as per your choice of premium or low-cost clinics across various cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune  etc.

Approximate Cost Of Hair Transplant in Nashik in High-End Clinics.

High-end clinics in Nashik provide you with standard and premium packages which allows you extra facilities. below are the details of various packages:

Premium Package:

  • Approximate charges: for scalp grafting Rs. 89.00 and for body grafting Rs.169.00
  • Newly imported punch is used.
  • Free pickup and drop facilities are available depending on the location of area.
  • For No shave technique: no extra fees for lesser than 1700 scalp grafts


Standard Package:

  • Approximate Charges: for scalp grafts Rs 79.00 and for body grafts Rs 159.00
  • Sterilized imported punch is used.
  • A standard lab test charges for Post- method care kit cost is – Rupees 5500.00
  • Free pickup and drop facilities are available depending on the location of area.
  • For No shave technique: Rs 20,000.00


Following Are The Some Factors That Is Affects On The Cost Of Hair Transplant in India.


Cost Of Hair transplant’s in Nashik different from the other country in this free world market economy. You must be wondering, why is it so? Renting, licensing, a clinic or a hospital, wages of the staff and workers, preservation and other utilization cost are different in every country, which is directly converted in running the hospitals across the world which affects majorly on the cost of the hair treatment.


Need among the people give rise to demand. Having said that, the need for Cost of Hair Transplant in Nashik across the world is increasing day by day. As the world is leading toward modernization so does the demand for the hair transplantation for the people to look good is also increasing.

Expert surgeons:

Well the experienced the hair transplants doctor are, the more fees and transplantation cost is derived from the customers. The more-experienced doctors have a high consultation fee across the world.


Considerable hospital charges large fees as compared to the other small hospitals or clinics. The affordability of the hospital potency depend on the how many of operations they perform per day and their respective geological location.

The team:

Each one doctor is ringed by a highly skilled team which helps the hair transplants surgeon during hair transplantation. To preserve and run a group of high skill and more-experienced doctors team the surgery cost also becomes costly and less affordable.

Advanced equipment and technique:

In the present world, the healthcare industry is technology driven and the treatment is dependent on the advanced equipment and technique that is being used.

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