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Hair Care Plus- The Most Successful hair transplant center with success rate over 98.32%!

Nashik’s best hair transplant center, Hair Care Plus - Hair Transplant Center, is also one of Maharashtra’s most successful hair transplant clinics, offering proven and effective hair transplant & hair loss treatments in Nashik. It specializes in advanced solutions for almost all kinds of hair loss and hair transplant frustrations.

Hair Care Plus is founded & backed by Dr. Niraj Rekhawar, a renowned hair transplant surgeon and dermatologist with clinically rich 28 years of experience, the latest global hair transplant technologies, and international techniques by established experts in intensive hair transplant treatments. Hair Care Plus has successfully treated more than 1,00,000 patients in Maharashtra, bringing a full stop to all kinds of Hair Frustrations with  many of whom had undergone unsuccessful or erroneous treatment at other hair transplant clinics in Nashik.

About Our Treatment:

  • Ethical Practice.
  • Hair transplant techniques designed based on years of hair transplant surgeries & experiences.
  • Sugary by qualified and skilled Hair transplant Surgeon
  • Internationally trained technical staff. Our staff and surgeon has gone under training in US's most renowned surgeon Dr. Sam Lam.
  • Operation theatre equipped by latest technologies for safe hair transplants.
  • Boarding and accommodation for outstation patients
  • Consistent follow up & support by Hair transplant surgeon and team after hair transplant in case of any emergency.
  • Complete transparency about the working and other factors.
  • Allows to contact former patients, if former patient agrees so. 

Patients Hair Transplant

4.2 million

Hair Roots Transplanted


Hair loss patients consulted

28 years

Serving Hair patients

The key highlights of our hair transplant technique.

  • Natural, uneven hairline created hair by hair

Each graft is replanted in the exact natural direction of the original hair, which means the new hair will grow at the same angle. This eliminates the odd, stiff look of badly transplanted hair and restores the original look of the patient.

  • Dense packing and maximum density

Since we use very high quality, powerful loupes, we are able to see a high magnification and can transplant more grafts per square inch to give a denser and richer look to the hair.

  • Grade 7 baldness specialists

Our expert team of doctors are fully skilled and equipped to even successfully treat the grade 7 baldness which is the most severe case of baldness which extends from the front of the hair all the way back to the base of the head.

So, don't worry about your baldness and be sure it can be cured with the help of hair transplant successfully. But, you need to choose only right center for your all success and head full of hairs. So, don't hesitate to visit us & our addresses are mentioned on Hair Care Plus contact page. We will be always pleased to help you. Thanks for reading!